Mohamad Fathi

Saudi Arabia · Riyadh · +(966) 53-462-9689 ·

Web Developer, Problem solver, ALX Software Engineering Student
with a good background on low level languages, Data structures and Algorithms,
and Testing my work. Always trying to improve and gain new skills to unlock my full potential.


Fullstack Intern Web Developer

Wagan Media
  • Designed and developed media portal for streaming videos, and view pdf content.
  • Worked on upgrading user interface by applying modern design concepts for new browsing page.
  • Integrated a new media player that supports HLS.
February 2023 - May 2023

Web Developer Intern

University of Neelain

Worked on developing new features for the main university website, using languages like: javascript, PHP. And frameworks like Laravel and reactjs.

September 2022 - December 2022


Sudoko Solver

Sudoko solver is an application written entirely in C programming language with a command line interface, the purpose of creating this project is to challenge myself to implement an algorithm to solve a problem and to implement it using a low level language like C, which made me be more careful with my process, plan more and focus on each and every detail, and start to code only when i know for sure what i'm doing, because the debugging process will be a pain in the ***, but thankfully the internet was always there for the rescue, it was a tough one to build, but it was fun.

File Transfer Application

This is a compact Python application I created for an Introduction to Networking course. It functions as a multithreaded client-server network application with two connections. The client has the capability to send specific commands to the server, requesting the server's current directory files and transmitting files back.

Printf Clone

A clone of the Printf function from C standard library, created as part of the ALX Software Engineering program.
It covers some of the format specifiers like %c, %s, %%
and some of the coversion specifiers like: %d, %i
with another features included.



Software engineering Program
Backend Development
August 2023 - September 2024

University of Bahri

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 3.15

September 2017 - May 2024

Tabook High School

Graduated with overall score of: %94
2015 - 2017


Programming Languages & Tools


  • IEEExtreme 16 (2022) Among top 20% on the world
  • IEEExtreme 15 (2021) Among top 30% on the world
  • Among the first teams to qualify from Sudan to ACPC 2020